HANA2016 – SAP Data Warehousing, Today and Tomorrow

On Wednesday (see details below) I’ll be presenting an overview of SAP’s data warehousing capabilities, roadmap and vision.
From a capabilities perspective I’m focusing on some of the key options for HANA – streaming, predictive, text processing, spatial and graph. Lots of good stuff there.
For the roadmap I’m going over the direction we are taking with BW, HANA and S/4HANA.
The fun starts with the vision. I’m going to cover some of the trends in the market, and some of the adoption trends we have uncovered in a survey we commissioned Forrester Research to undertake for us. I’m going to summarize the results of this survey, plus a lot of conversations I’ve had with analysts, our internal experts, customer and partners into my view of where SAP needs to go to become the leader in data warehousing.
Five years ago, a SAP presentation outlining a vision of data warehouse leadership (and by leadership I mean being #1) would have been somewhere on the scale of optimistic to downright delusional, but this has been an incredible five years. Now SAP is in the leadership cluster in both Forrester’s Wave and Gartner’s MQ for data warehousing, and our vision is one of the strongest in the market. It didn’t hurt that we got in-memory right, despite some derision from the greybeards (is Larry’s beard grey yet?). The next step will be even more impactful, and I want to put my thoughts out there and get your feedback. I’ll add any good comments I get to the discussion thread.
Session details:
SAP Insider HANA 2016, Las Vegas, February 16-19, 2016
SAP’s Data Warehousing Solutions: Current Capabilities, Roadmap Plans, and Future Vision
Wednesday 17th February 2016, 10:30am
Margaux 2

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